Several campaings are used to provide key data that validates the forward model and inversion algorithms of SKIM. Our main efforts are now focused on the Drift4SKIM campaign that will take place in November 2018 off the West coast of France. This particular effort is quite a team work, with contributions from

  • LOPS: Louis Marié, Fabrice Ardhuin, Peter Sutherland, Bertrand Chapron, Mickael Accensi
  • ESA: Tania Casal
  • CNES

Below are some illustrations from previous experiments in the area (taken from Guimaraes et al., 2018) ...

Other data that were critical to the validation of the forward model by Nouguier et al. (2018) includes data from AirSWOT and from the Katsiveli research platform, thanks to Yuri Yurovsky.