CFOSAT pre-launch meeting: 8 & 9 October Brest

We would like first to remind you the deadline of  September the 14th for answering the call issued by CNES to encourage proposals for science activities in relation with the CFOSAT satellite mission (see attached document).  CFOSAT is an innovative mission, which will carry two Ku-Band active instruments, SWIM dedicated to the measurement of directional of ocean surface waves, and SCAT dedicated to the measurement of ocean surface wind vectors (two new concepts of instrument). It will also provide radar cross-section observations over land and sea ice.

The second information is that we can now announce a date of launch of the CFOSAT satellite: 29 October 2018 (from China)

In relation with this call and with the upcoming launch of the satellite,  we organize a two-day scientific workshop in France (Brest) on October 8th and 9th 2018 . All of you who plan to submit a proposal in response to the call are welcome to attend and present your objectives and  work plan. If you do not intend to send a proposal in response to the call, but are interested to learn more about the CFOSAT observations or to present results which are related to the CFOSAT objectives, you are also welcome to participate.

The workshop will take place in Plouzané, a few kilometers from Brest city (France) at Institut Universitaire EUropeen de la Mer (IUEM). It will be organized with the support of CNES with help for local organization by colleagues from  LOPS and IUEM, and the support from their respective institutions. 

Note that this meeting will take place two days ahead of another event also organized in Brest on "Doppler oceanography from space". So you will be able to combine both events.

If you wish to participate, you will have  to register before September 15th (and the sooner is the better). You will receive within a few days in a separate mail, the guidelines to register. Registration is free if charge but for practical purposes it is mandatory. 

We hope to see you soon in Brest. 


Contact points

- for scientific aspects: Daniele Hauser (LATMOS)

- for practical information : Charles Peureux (LOPS)

 Best regards

Daniele HAUSER (Co)-Principal investigator of CFOSAT and Juliette LAMBIN (Head of Earth Observation Programme at CNES) .